SoCal Vintage BMW 2015

Turkis 2002

If you are a fan of classic cars, and BMWs in particular, then SoCal Vintage is something to put on your bucket list. The sheer number of cars is astounding (in the hundreds), but the diversity of cars is what takes it to the next level. Each year there are at least one or two cars that you're never seen before, and that's pretty much guaranteed. 

1600 GT

For me, that car was this 1967/1968 BMW 1600 GT. Perfectly restored and incredibly rare, this car was a sight to see.


This year there was a good showing of classic BMW motorcycles as well.

e9 Interior

Each year more vendors pop up their tents, and this year by far had the most I'd ever seen. They ranged from used parts to new parts, custom CNC pedals to skateboards and stickers.


With just one repaint in 1998, this 2002ti was in extremely nice, original condition. The interior and exterior were both as spotless as when it left the factory almost 50 years ago.


Although I forgot to snap a photo of it, there was a BMW M3 Lightweight - one of only 120 models produced. It had only 29 thousand miles from new and was for sale for $90,000.

Fjord 2002