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"Silver Dollar" Heidegger Tachometer Overlay


BMW 1600/2002 Heidegger-style tachometer overlays. These carefully designed stickers are placed over your existing tachometer and give the appearance of a Heidegger tachometer. Neither were a “factory” item, but rather a race-inspired upgrade. Pair them with one of our adjustable rev limiter needle faces for the race-style conversion kit: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/bmw-2002-adjustable-rev-limiter-needle-alpina-style

There are 2 designs:

All Black - do not have red/green rev indicators. Ideal for use with our adjustable rev-limiter needle face.

Green/Red Stripe - a custom, ALPINA-inspired design using red and green rev indicators, showing the powerband.

Our overlays are made with high-quality automotive wrap material, allowing for some stretching during installation. Simply heat the overlay with a hairdryer and the overlay will return to its original shape, working out small imperfections and bubbles.

These overlays only work with early "silver dollar" gauges (made until about 1971). Please look carefully at the photos to insure you have the same gauge cluster style.

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Heidegger Stripe.JPG
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