Classic Wood Shift Knobs

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We started with the most iconic BMW shift knob designs and took them up a notch. High-quality exotic woods and cloisonné emblems provide the pop your classic BMW deserves, without looking out of place. Each knob is handmade in Seattle, Washington. Individual hand-sanding and multiple coats of urethane result in a beautiful, long-lasting finish. We also offer a custom finish of Walnut oil and Beeswax for a more natural look and feel, which provides you with more of a matte, “broken-in” look.

Available in three period-correct styles: Round OEM, Bevel OEM, and Teardrop/AMCO style.

Emblems are magnetic and can be easily swapped in seconds. One knob is as good as three with a couple of new emblems. Our unique magnetic design also ensures your roundel will be straight after tightening the knob. One emblem of your choice will be included with each knob. Emblem selection will be prompted at checkout. To purchase additional emblems click here.

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Push-On Inventory:

Cocobolo: Teardrop, custom satin finish using Walnut oil and Beeswax. Cocobolo is endangered and now illegal to import to the USA, so it’s getting very hard to find. Looks more red in the photo than in person - the color is a dark orangey-brown. $149 shipped.

Jatoba/Brazilian Cherry: Custom BMW 3.0CSL/M1-Procar shape, High-Gloss finish. Smooth top without emblem. $139 shipped.

Osage Orange: Custom BMW 3.0CSL/M1-Procar shape, custom satin finish using Walnut oil and Beeswax. Includes one emblem of your choice. $144 shipped.

Nardi-Mahogany: Bevel OEM, High-Gloss finish. Custom finish resulting in a close match to Nardi steering wheels. $139 shipped.

Thread-On Inventory:

Nardi-Mahogany: Teardrop, High-Gloss finish. Custom finish resulting in a close match to Nardi steering wheels. $139 shipped.


Most of our shift knobs are special requests and are never offered publicly. If you would to chat about options or get a quote, please fill out our request form and we'll get the ball rolling!

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