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BMW Motorsport Steering Wheel


This steering wheel is a rare find, coming only in the BMW M1 and a few other rare BMWs as options, such as the M535i, or the occasional early euro E21 3 series. This wheel also looks and works great in a BMW 2002, with a similar appearance to the elusive Turbo wheel. The turn signal canceling works in a 2002 as well.

The wheel is in great shape, with the original foam spokes and rim damage-free minus one spot on the back which you can see in the photos. The wheel is complete, with the center logo and hub included. The hub is currently wrapped in electrical tape (as seen in photos) because it needs to be refurbished or covered with an accordion to look new again.

To restore this wheel to show car status you would need to clean up the hub and/or cover it with an accordion, then source a fresh BMW logo sticker and you're set!

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