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BMW 2002 Adjustable Rev-Limiter Face/Needle (ALPINA-style)

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These custom tachometer faces provide an adjustable rev-limiter needle, as seen in the early ALPINA 1600/2002 racers. Pair them with one of our ALPINA tachometer overlays for the full-ALPINA conversion kit.

How they’re made: We start with the factory 1600/2002 clock window/face. These units are 40-50 year old plastic, and most have horrible scratches by now. We carefully wet sand the plastic by hand to reduce any deep scratches (800 grit -> 1500 grit -> 3000 grit), then we finish them with a high speed orbital polisher. While they’ll never be “new” again, most are 100x better than how they started. Next, we hand-shape a needle out of plastic rod through a careful process of light sanding. These needles are then glued to the clock’s minute-hand adjustment knob on the backside of the window.

Installation: Simply remove your gauge cluster, pull the original glass tachometer window/cover out, and put this custom piece in its place. Everything is plug-and-play.

Core charge: While we have a few clock windows/faces in stock, our supply is dwindling. If you have any clock faces hiding in the garage, please send them our way! If you choose to send us a core, we’ll email you with a mailing address shortly.

Free shipping in the USA.

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Adjustable Tach Needle.JPG
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