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ALPINA Wheel Center Hole Stencil (13" and 15")


During the restoration of my Alpina wheels I faced the challenge of accurately masking the center circle to paint it black. Masking it by hand was tedious and frustrating, with no guarantee of a perfect circle, let alone perfect result. I knew there had to be a better way, so I created a small batch of quality stencils specifically designed for Alpina wheels. Precision laser cut to the correct center hole diameter (based on an original wheel set), these masking sheets are a necessity when it comes to properly and efficiently restoring a set of authentic Alpina wheels to original spec.

They should work with 4x100 13" and 15" spoked Alpinas, as the center hole is exactly the same diameter, although they have only been tested with 15" wheels at this point.



Carefully apply the sheet as a sticker around your center hole and you have an instant stencil. Mask the rest of the area with newspaper, then prep the area. I recommend Scotch Brite pads to scuff the surface, but it depends on your situation. Next clean and paint the area with satin black, either from a spray can or with a brush (as was done by the factory according to some). Peel everything off once the paint has dried and you have a clean circle, touch up any imperfections with lacquer thinner and a rag. 



Please note this takes attention to detail, and your result will only be as good as the entirety of your work. There is no guarantee the finish will be perfect every time, but for my 4 wheels the centers turned out great with no mistakes. 


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