Custom Shift Knobs

Scroll down to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of a shift knob, or go straight to our quote request page if you already know what you’d like. You can also check out our current shift knob inventory here.




When choosing wood for your shift knob, it’s usually most helpful to think about color. Maybe you’re trying to match the interior trim of your car or a particular wooden steering wheel. We can source almost any species of wood and can match stains/colors of existing wood parts, so the sky is the limit. If you have something specific in mind, that’s great! If not, we are happy to make a recommendation based on photos.

Something else to keep in mind: Your shift knob isn’t limited to one type of wood. In fact, we can also do trim pieces in soft metals, such as aluminum and brass.




When it comes to the shape of your shift knob, you essentially have two choices: Replicate an existing/factory shape, or come up with something entirely new.

Thinking about the purpose of your shift knob will help narrow down the shape. Looking for something ergonomic and comfortable for grabbing gears at the track? Or do you want to match the factory shape, but with wood for an OEM+ appearance? Certain shapes can really highlight the wood grain and make your interior pop. As something that you’ll be touching everyday, it’s important to think about your end goal. Race car or show car? Mild or wild? We can do it all!




There are two basic finishes that we recommend for shift knobs. The first, and most popular, is a polyurethane varnish. Polyurethane protects the wood by forming a thin, hard film that prevents dirt and oil from tainting the wood. Polyurethane comes in high-gloss for a shiny, eye-grabbing finish, or satin for a more subdued “broken-in” look.

The second finish that we offer is Walnut Oil and Beeswax. In terms of protection, this all-natural finish doesn't quite hold up to polyurethane, as it leaves the wood open to the elements. Despite this, we still prefer oil and wax for one reason: the feel. Each knob is hand sanded to 1500 grit for a very smooth finish, while the oil and wax allows you to touch bare wood, not a plastic shell. Walnut Oil and Beeswax provides a matte-satin finish which will gather a beautiful patina over time.




We can incorporate most any aftermarket or NOS (new old stock) emblems found on the internet, some of which we have in stock for immediate use. We also have the capability to do custom CNC engravings and wood inlays.

The emblem is the only element of the shift knob that can be omitted in some cases. While the top of the shift knob usually displays a logo or shift pattern, it is also a perfectly good place to show off the natural beauty of the wood. 



While many aftermarket shift knobs take shortcuts here (e.g. set screws), the insert is the backbone of the shift knob. Whether it’s custom steel threads, or a nylon push-on insert, we strive to achieve an OEM fit on all of our knobs, even if it requires custom design and fabrication.


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