Bajito y Suavecito: Low and Slow

Photos and words by Devon Saunders. Shot entirely on film. See more of Devon’s work on Instagram at

My name is Devon, and I have been taking photos within the lowrider community in San Diego, California for the last two and a half years.  I was initially drawn in to this sub-sect of car culture by the cars themselves - lowriders are quintessential to what I think of when I picture the west coast. 

Each car is an extension of the owners personality, some cars are kept near original with subtle modifications, others go to the max with full attention to detail; custom paint jobs, pin striping, fully re-done interiors, the list goes on. 

As I've experienced more of the lowrider scene, I've learned that it is deeper than just the cars.  Lowriding is truly a lifestyle, that embraces a rich history and tradition, and wills its values to be carried on by the next generation. Car cruises bring families and friends together, and even kids who can't drive will be cruising on their custom lowrider bikes. These events also help local businesses thrive by bringing crowds in regularly to see the cars. 

While some may see lowriding as just flashy hopping cars, it actually is about giving back to the community.