Paddock Finds: French Neue Klasse

Writing and Photography by Riley Koidahl.

Recently imported from France, this 1964 BMW 1800 was found hidden amongst the campsites at Laguna Seca Raceway during the 2016 Historics. Covered in early morning dew, the car couldn't have been more photogenic.

The smaller, vertical taillights indicate this as an early model built from 1962-1966. The later models had wider taillights, up until 1972, when the E12 5-series replaced the "Neue Klasse" 4-doors altogether.

This car wears its original shade of "Derby" grey - a very rare color, especially in the States. Derby is unique and particularly beautiful, as it has subtle notes of green and blue.

Period-correct stickers adorn the rear windows from rallies in the car's heyday.

While not original, the widened steelies with early BMW-Motorsport center caps attractively fill out the fenders, allow for more rubber, and supplement to the vintage-rally presence.