Seattle 02/02 BMW Meet 2017

Writing and Photography by Mackenzie Ebbers. Check out more of her work on Instagram: @mackenzie.e30

It was a typical dark and rainy day in Seattle, but you can't expect anything more from February. Luckily 10+ 2002s and their owners were not perturbed, because the mood was light.

A few of us (myself included) couldn't contain ourselves and started snapping pictures immediately. The 2002s were diverse in years and colors, with a pretty even mix of square and round tails, all showing the love and care you'd expect from an enthusiast.

I spotted the rare drop down spoked Nardi, and multiple other wood pieces that all looked perfect in their respective interiors. My favorite 02 color is Colorado Orange, but at first I was worried I wasn't going to see one and I would have to settle for the Inka roundie I'd spent a few minutes shooting.

Patience paid off and a tastefully modified Colorado 02 pulled up! It was given a more aggressive presence with Turbo style fenders flares and a chrome trim delete, definitely adding to a unique look - I was happy nonetheless.

After a few shots I happily moved down the line and admired two Malaga square tails parked together and, to my surprise, a beautiful Agave E9! It seems to me that these most often stay in their garages when it rains, so thank you to the owner for braking the chain.

Across the parking lot my own e28 was parked along the line with a few other great cars including an especially rumbly Verona roundie. Overall I'm sure more folks would have come out if it hasn't been pouring, but the ones who did truly had some beautiful cars!