2016 Bay Area 02 Swap and Show

Writing and Photography by Riley Koidahl.

The Bay Area 02 Swap and Show attracts BMW 2002s from all over California. Hosted at the Brisbane Marina on the San Francisco Bay, there are few better backdrops to host a classic car gathering.

While it lightly drizzled all morning, that didn't stop the rare cars from coming out of the woodwork.

Unlike most shows, where people just stare at cars until they're bored, the Bay Area 02 show has a swap meet in the parking lot. Here you can find new and used stock parts, as well as rare accessories, such as steering wheels, shift knobs, badges, bucket seats, and various styles of wheels. Some vendors bring pop-up tents and a truckload of parts, while more casual enthusiasts fill up their 2002's trunk with goodies.

Vendors are usually willing to barter, and with the wide selection of parts, it's hard to go home empty handed.

The Bay Area has the highest concentration of 2002 Tourings anywhere in the US, with 5 attending this year (approximately 10-15% of all Tourings in the US) . Almost anywhere else in the country, you'd be lucky to see one Touring at any show.

This Colorado Orange 2002 Touring was right-hand-drive - one of just a couple in the US.

While not a 2002, this Bristol Grey BMW 1800 was a welcome sight at the show. Lowered over widened steel wheels, the car had a perfectly aggressive, period-correct stance.

This recent euro-import had a attractive center console featuring tastefully-integrated gauges and a proper Becker Europa radio. 

The 2002 community has a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, from die-hard purists to serious modders. One owner retrofitted the engine from a Honda S2000, and another swapped in an S14 from a BMW M3; two very different preferences, but the same passion.