HRE Open House 2016


Writing and Photography by Jade Nelson. Check out and follow him on Instagram: @jnphotoworks

It's hard to know what any automotive event will be like until you experience it for yourself, but when the surrounding streets are lined with Porsche GT cars, BMW M cars, Nissan Skylines, and Lamborghini SVs, there’s no question the event will be something special.

Apart from the amazing cars that turned up to the HRE open house, what made it truly unique was the venue. The HRE factory is a clean and picturesque location, making it a great backdrop to showcase carefully crafted car/wheel combinations.

Not every car had HRE wheels, but each car in the lot was unique, clean, and more-than qualified to be part of such a well-executed event. Since the purpose was to showcase HRE wheels and their production process, the range of cars was vast, with something for every taste. With a dose of American muscle, Japanese tuners, European performance, and Italian supercars, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could walk away feeling dissatisfied. 

The inside of the facility was equally as interesting, where each aspect of the wheel making process was highlighted and explained. As a company that creates high-end products, this display was a testament to their quality and transparency at every level. Even if you weren’t a prospective customer, it’s still fascinating to witness the entire wheel production line, from start to finish, including the significant machinery necessary.

The parking lot outside of the facility included booths from vendors such as Akrapovic Exhaust and Michelin Tire, showing off their newest projects and a large selection of customer built cars.

After seeing the facility, it’s no surprise that HRE wheels are some of the best in the industry. In a saturated market full of knockoff manufacturers, it’s refreshing to say the least.

Its great to have companies like HRE creating original products and pushing the boundaries, while maintaining a good relationship with the car community, from other manufacturers to enthusiasts alike.