2017 Pacific Northwest Historic Races

Shot entirely on film, this tasteful collection of photos perfectly captures the essence of vintage racing; while the technology may not be is as fast or precise as today's, both vintage cars and film have a character that cannot be engineered, paying homage to a simpler, analog time.

First Look at the LaCross Art Car

Seattle-native Matt LaCross has been creating continuous-line ink drawings more than twenty years. His masterpieces are composed from a single thought, with one consistent flow of ink and no preliminary sketches. Once the pen meets paper, it's not lifted until the piece is complete.

Shop Feature: Racecraft

The first time I went to Racecraft I drove right by it. Actually, I drove by it three times. The building has no flashy signage or exotic cars to garner attention. Only a casually parked BMW M3 indicated that maybe this was the place I was looking for. The shop maintains a low profile, but once you are inside you understand exactly why.

Parking Lot Gems: 1966 Porsche 911

One of the best-kept secrets of car events is the regular parking lot. While concours always have "so clean you could eat off the underside" cars, enthusiastic attendees often bring something special as well, only to get relinquished to the back lot.

Bristol Barn Find: 1967 BMW 2000

Ok, so it wasn't exactly a "barn find," but "transmission shop find" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. This jewel of a BMW was dropped off for a transmission rebuild when the owner moved to Alaska and simply abandoned his car at the mechanic. The project stalled, and the car was left in the back corner of the shop for years.

Midnight S4

When the owner first tossed me the keys, I wasn't sure what to expect. Coming from classic cars, my idea of the perfect driving experience involves a connectedness that you can only get from analog features - manual steering, a manual gearbox, and the likes.